Güney, Hale

Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies 

Research Title: Cultural Heritage Studies in Eskişehir Province, Turkey 

The last decade has witnessed an increasing interest in cultural heritage issues in Turkey. A milestone reached so far is the SARAT project (Safeguarding Archaeological Assets of Turkey) jointly conducted by ANAMED and BIAA (the British Institute at Ankara). The purpose of the fellowship is to contribute to research into the understanding of cultural heritage in the province of Eskişehir. The first aim of the project is to evaluate local perceptions of antiquities and to increase knowledge and awareness about protecting archaeological assets. The second aim of the project is to investigate the sacred land and sacredness in northeast Phrygia. The project will organize meetings with village headmen in the town centers, do up to 50 interviews with locals about their perception of sacred places in their neighborhood and archaeological assets in general. This kind of project is much desired, as more case studies are needed to evaluate the local understanding of cultural heritage in Turkey. I believe this project will present new information and make a significant contribution to heritage studies.

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