Günata, Gülşah

Koç Üniversitesi

Research Title: The Cult of Artemis at Klaros in Relation with the Worship of the Goddess in Western Anatolia and Greece

Dr. Günata obtained her PhD in Archaeology at Koç University in 2017. Her research interests include the interconnections in the northern Aegean in the Late Bronze Age through the Archaic period, Greek cults, ancient religious practices, and iconography. As an ANAMED fellow, she is working on her publication project: “The Cult of Artemis at Klaros in Relation to the Worship of the Goddess in Western Anatolia and Greece.” This research aims to synthesize issues of religious practices and developments in the areas of western Anatolia, Crete, the Near East, and mainland Greece regarding the cults of Artemis in order to understand her cult at Klaros. This project discusses the differences in the Anatolian form of Artemis when compared to other areas, her position in regards to other deities in the region, and characteristic features of the cults of the goddess in the light of both ancient and modern literary sources. By documenting the evidence for different components of the cult of Artemis at Klaros, including the festivals, ritual practices, and material evidence, and comparing it to other cult centers of the goddess in western Anatolia and Greece, this project intends to place Artemis Klaria in the wider context of ancient religion.