Güleçyüz, Mehmet Emin

University of Chicago 

Research Title: Molla Fenari and Intellectual History of Late Medieval Anatolia

Mehmet Emin Güleçyüz holds BA degrees in Islamic Studies and in Philosophy from Istanbul 29 Mayıs University, and an MA degree in Islamicate Intellectual History from Freie Universität Berlin. Currently, he is a PhD candidate in Islamic Studies at the University of Chicago’s Divinity School. His dissertation is focused on the intellectual history of late medieval Anatolia, specifically the 14th and 15 centuries. With an emphasis on Molla Fenari’s (d. 1431) career, intellectual networks, and scholarship, Güleçyüz’s dissertation aims to illustrate Anatolia’s vibrant intellectual landscape between rational sciences, philosophical Sufism, Hanafi jurisprudence, and occult theory and practice. During his residence at ANAMED, Güleçyüz is conducting research in manuscript libraries in Istanbul and elsewhere to consult primary sources and collect contemporaneous textual and para-textual historical data for his dissertation. 

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