Kazim Abdullaev, Institute of Archaeology, Samarkand

The Cultural Interaction between Central Asia and Anatolia in the Early Seleucid Period (From Selecus I Nikator to Antiochus I Soter)

Saffet Hülya Canbakal, Sabancı University

Distribution of Wealth in the Ottoman Empire, 1500-1840

Tülün Değirmenci, Pamukkale University

Remaking the Past: The Images of Selim I in 17th Century Ottoman Painting

Catherine Draycott, The Courtauld Institute of Art, London

Art and Economy in Lycia, 500 – 450 BC

Federico Manuelli, University of Trieste

Lighting up the Dark Age: transformation processes in the Upper Euphrates region at the turn of the 1st Millennium BCE.

Candace Rice, University of Oxford

Disentangling Coastal Economies: Regionalism in the Roman Mediterranean

Geoffrey Summers, Middle East Technical University

The Cappadocia Gate and Palatial Complex at the Iron Age Capital on the Kerkenes Dağ in Central Türkiye

Nikolaos Tsivikis, University of Crete

Urban Transformation and Ruralisation on the two sides of the Aegean. Amorium and Messene during the Late Roman and Early Byzantine period (AD 350-800)

Günder Varınlıoğlu, Dumbarton Oaks

Settling the Islands off the Coast of Isauria: Boğsak in Late Antiquity

Dilşad Sıla Votruba, Ankara University

Western Anatolia in Context During the Late Bronze Age: Identifying the Local Cultures and Their Interaction with the Mycenaeans and the Hittites

Tamar Alpenidze, Tbilisi State University

Documents about Ivironi: Georgian monastery on the Mount Athos – preserved at archives of Istanbul and Türkiye

Dmitry Korobeynikov, Russian Academy of Sciences

Byzantine-Turkish relations from the eleventh to the fifteenth century

Gary Farney, Rutgers University

Roman Aristocratic Family Identity and Anatolia

Ashirbek Muminov, Institute of Oriental Studies, Kazakhstan

Islamic Jurisprudence in Asia Minor and Central Asia: Continuity and Mutual Influence in Hanafi Fiqh from the Eleventh to the Fifteenth Centuries

Peter Talloen, Independent Scholar

Saints in the mountains: the Christianisation of time in Pisidia

Cengiz Şişman, Furman University

Burden of Silence: Sabbatai Mehmed Sevi, Eighteen Commandments and Three Ottoman Sabbateanisms (1626-1926)

Marie-France Auzepy, Paris VIII University

Marmara Mission and Bithynia

Alan Greaves, University of Liverpool

A World between Worlds: Western Anatolia in the Second Millennium BC

Winfried Held, University of Marburg

Colossal Temples of the Hadrianic period

Julian Baker, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford University

Money in Constantinople, the Sea of Marmara, and the Northeast Aegean, during the fourteenth century


R.Aslıhan Aksoy-Sheridan, Bilkent University

Ottoman Manuscript Culture in the long 17th Century

Sarah Craft, Brown University

Dynamic Landscapes in Late Roman and Early Byzantine Anatolia: Travel Infrastructure and Early Christian Pilgrimage

Aslıhan Gürbüzel, Harvard University

Social Imagination in the Mystical Works of İsmail Rusuhi Ankaravi (d.1631)

Jesse Howell, Harvard University

The Ragusa Road: mobility and encounter in the Ottoman Balkans (1430-1700)

Helen Human, Stanford University

World Heritage in Türkiye: Cultural Politics, National Identity, & Development

Denise Klein, University of Konstanz

The History of Mehmed Giray: History Writing and Rulership in the Crimean Khanate (1683–1703)

Divna Manolova, Central European University

Translating Science to Literature: The Case of Nikephoros Gregoras’ Letter Collection

Michele Massa, University College London

Networks before the Empires: transfer of goods, raw materials, technologies and ideology within Anatolia during the 3rd millennium BC

Michael Douglas Sheridan, Bilkent University

A Cultural-Historical Reading of Satirical Exchange in the Early 17th-Century Ottoman Empire

J.M. Kaplan Fund Fellow

Dinç Saraç, Newcastle University

Develop a management plan for the archaeological site of Myra, located in the district of Demre, Antalya


Nimet Pınar Özgüner, Boston University

Archaeological Entanglements: The People, Places, and Politics of Archaeology in Türkiye