Residence and Research in Istanbul

By accepting an ANAMED fellowship, Residential and Non-Residential fellows agree to spend the fellowship period residing at ANAMED (or outside ANAMED in İstanbul), to devote themselves to the research proposed in their fellowship application and to participate fully in the activities and intellectual life of ANAMED, including weekly teas, lectures, meetings, conferences, workshops, and related functions. Fellows must inform the Director immediately if the proposed research project is interrupted or altered or if they are granted another fellowship during the ANAMED academic year.

ANAMED reserves the right to alter or cancel the fellowship if the fellow fails to fulfill the conditions stipulated above.


Full-term ANAMED fellows must be in residence between 26 September 2022 and 15 June 2023. Fellows are allowed to take up to two weeks of winter vacation at a time of their choosing between 20 December 2022 and 31 January 2023. Please make written or emailed travel requests to the Director in a timely fashion, at least a week in advance, if not more (with Cc to Duygu Tarkan).

Research-Related Travel

When at all possible, research-related travel should be scheduled for those periods when ANAMED is not in session. All absences from ANAMED – whether research-related or other, within or outside Turkey – must be approved in advance and in writing (or email) by the Director (with Cc to Duygu Tarkan). Fellows absent from ANAMED without prior permission are not entitled to receive full monthly stipends. ANAMED also reserves the right to make cuts in fellowship payments if a fellow’s absences exceed 30 days in total. For one-term fellows, the total number of absences cannot exceed 15 days.

Regularly Scheduled Events

Orientation Week

All fellows must be present during the first week of the fellowship term to attend the events and programs of the orientation week. During the week, fellows will be introduced to ANAMED and its surroundings as well as Koç University and its academic community. All bureaucratic procedures
necessary for tax registration, bank accounts, and health insurance will be completed throughout this week. There will be no additional tours or info sessions, even for fellows who miss orientation week; in such cases fellows will have to collect the required documents and make applications at appropriate government offices either on their own or with delay, which may result in delay of registration and stipend payment periods.
* Please click on the link for Orientation Week Schedule.

Wednesday Teas

ANAMED Fellows are expected to present their proposed research at least once at a Wednesday Tea with a 15– 20-minutepresentation focusing on research questions and methodology as well as what makes your approach successful. Interested faculty and students from Koç University are invited to attend. The event takes an online format to be shared via Zoom for the KU Community. Since the In-House Talks will be in the online format, we would like to meet almost once a month on Wednesdays on the -1 floor (ANAMED Lounge) to get together with you and chat face to face. You can find all those events’ dates in the Calendar.

In-House Research Presentations

Fellows are expected to present on their proposed research at least once at a Wednesday Tea with a 15– 20-minute informal presentation focusing on research questions and methodology as well as what makes your approach successful. Interested faculty and students from Koç University are invited to
attend. The event may also take a hybrid or online format to be shared via Zoom for the KU Community. The presentations will be recorded in zoom for later sharing on the ANAMED website and Youtube channel.
* The “In-House Research Presentations” program will be shared separately.


Fellows will be expected to submit reports on 1 December, 1 February, 1 April, 1 June on the progress of their work. Reports will be collected via an online form that will be shared ahead of time. Fellows will also be expected to contribute written updates when requested for use in ANAMED and Koç University social media.

Publications, Affiliations, and Acknowledgements

Fellows must submit copies of resultant work(s) to ANAMED (e.g., article offprints, books, lab results). In any and all publications resulting from research supported by an ANAMED fellowship, fellows should list “Research Center for Anatolian Studies, Koç University, Istanbul” among their affiliations. Fellows unable to list such an affiliation owing to their primary institutional affiliations should include in their acknowledgements “fellowship support from the Research Center for Anatolian Studies (ANAMED), Koç University, Istanbul”. Fellows must also actively participate in ANAMED’s fellow-research-tracking initiatives, including sharing ORCID, Scopus, and other researcher IDs, and entering publication data into designated bibliographic databases.




ANAMED provides fellows five meals per week via a meal card at rates set by Koç University (the 2022 rate is 40.00 TL/meal) except during official and/or academic holidays. The SETCARD meal card will be pre-loaded each month by ANAMED. It can be used anywhere you see the sign:

Bank Accounts and Stipends

All fellows’ stipends will be deposited monthly on the first day of each month in bank accounts that will be set up for them at the YapıKredi Galatasaray branch, very close to ANAMED.
Fellows will receive their full monthly stipends in advance each month.
Fellows should make sure to bring extra cash and/or an ATM card with international banking privileges when they arrive in order to cover intervening costs until all bureaucratic procedures have been completed and their first stipends are deposited. The first stipends (September stipend as 0.5 month + October stipend as 1 month) will be paid around 15 October, as it will take time to open bank accounts and register them in the system. The stipend payments will continue to be paid on the first of each month as of November 2022.

Residence Permits

Koç University’s International Community Office (ICO) is responsible for all formal issues concerning ANAMED fellows’ visas, residence permits, and other international community topics. A staff member from the ICO, Duygu Tarkan and Yağmur Civan Uyanık will assist fellows during this process.
– For all residential fellows, ANAMED will be the address for residency permit purposes. Nonresidential fellows have to provide one of the following documents proving residency status before going to the Immigration Administration office: (1) a notarized rent contract; (2) a hotel reservation; or (3) a notarized letter of commitment from a Turkish citizen host.
– Based on government rules, ANAMED cannot provide guidance for residence permits for unmarried partners. Turkish law prevents Koç University’s ICO (International Community Office) from assisting with the process of applying for their residence permits. They can apply for residence permits on their own, but they cannot show ANAMED (a Koç University facility) as their address.
– Legally married spouses/partners can enter Turkey with tourist visas and can get residence permits with them. If the fellow is residential, ANAMED’s address will be used for the partner’s residency permit. If the fellow is non-residential, they should also provide the necessary documentation for residency. Please note that fellows will also be required to show adequate health insurance for their partners at the time application. All such visa, health insurance, and residence permit expenses are the responsibility of the fellow and/or her/his spouse/partner.
ANAMED may be able to help secure appointments and provide guidance at the Immigration Office but it will NOT be able to cover the costs of fellows’ partners.
– Note also that without a residence permit, partners (married or not) are able to stay at ANAMED for no longer than 90 days because tourist visas allow only 90-day stays in Turkey.

Health Insurance

Koç University provides limited health insurance to all ANAMED fellows through ALLIANZ, given that fellows meet all conditions necessary for insurability (including pre-existing conditions, age limits, etc.).
The currently available plan offered by ALLIANZ covers up to 2000 TL, covers general in-patient treatment and limited outpatient treatment, including medicines and advanced diagnostic methods, but does NOT include costs for pre-existing illnesses or preventive examinations. In case of need for additional health care, it is the fellow’s own responsibility to arrange adequate personal insurance.
Please note that ANAMED is NOT able to pay the health insurance fees for accompanying partners. If a partner/spouse wishes to sign up for the Alliance Fellow-type Health insurance, university staff will provide assistance, but the cost of the insurance (based on age and health conditions) will be deducted
from the fellow’s stipend.

Research Permits

All foreign ANAMED fellows should enter Turkey on tourist visas. Both foreign and Turkish fellows are responsible for obtaining their own research permissions to work in museums, archives, etc. While ANAMED staff may be able to provide assistance, ANAMED remains outside this formal and individual research-permission process and thus bears no responsibility for fellows’ research undertaken in Turkey with research permissions.

Fellowship Travel Allowance

ANAMED reimburses fellows’ travel expenses for travel from their home residence to Istanbul at the beginning of the fellowship and for return travel at the end of the fellowship. The travel allowance is for one round-trip only and is calculated based on regions of travel, as stipulated in the mailing addresses provided on the application forms. Please see below:

a. Long-distance round-trip flights (US, Canada, etc.) can be reimbursed up to 15,000 TL
b. Short-distance round-trip flights (Europe, etc.) can be reimbursed up to 7,500 TL
c. Domestic round-trip flights can be reimbursed up to 2,000 TL

If buying two one-way tickets is more economical, this is also permissible. All tickets including bus, train, etc., and receipts for taxis must be submitted to Duygu Tarkan for reimbursement at the beginning of the fellowship. The travel allowance is not allocable to other travel or costs, not even for reimbursement of excess luggage. Please note that ANAMED does NOT cover travel costs for accompanying dependents.
* For fall term and full-year fellows, all reimbursement requests related to Fellowship Travel Allowance must be submitted by 15 October 2022, using the envelope in your welcome packet that bears this date and your name.
* For spring term fellows, the deadline is 1 March 2023.

* Please fill out the Expense Claim Form, and put it in your travel allowance envelope.
* Please submit your expenses with official e-ticket invoices.
* Please click on the link in order to get e-ticket invoice from your Turkish Airlines flight/s: https://ebiletfatura.turkishairlines.com/tk/en 
* Please click on the link in order to request your e-ticket invoice from the Pegasus flight/s: https://www.flypgs.com/en/write-to-us/invoice-statement-request

Research Budget

Each full-year fellow has an 8,000 TL research budget. Half-year fellows have a 4,000 TL research budget. Research budgets can be used for the following: books; research materials; photocopying; technical equipment such as hard drives, computers, scanners, etc.; research-related travel expenses within Turkey; and travel expenses for the presentation of papers at academic conferences during the period of the fellowship.
All expenses must be incurred during the term of the fellowship. As made clear elsewhere in this document, the director must approve all research-related travel.
* Please fill out the Expense Claim Form, and put it in your research budget envelope.
* Please submit your expenses with official invoice/s. 

Expense Reimbursement

For reimbursement of the approved expenses (travel and research), necessary documentation must be submitted to Duygu Tarkan. Reimbursement procedures involve Koç University’s Financial Office and can be quite lengthy. For the convenience of all, ANAMED asks fellows to submit receipts and other documentation in three reimbursement cycles, using three envelopes included in fellows’ welcome packs. For fall-term and full-year fellows, all reimbursement requests related to Fellowship Travel Allowance must be made by 15 October 2022. For spring-term fellows (and only for spring-term fellows), all reimbursement requests related to Fellowship Travel Allowance must be made by 1 March 2023. Travel allowance reimbursement requests should be submitted using the envelope in your welcome pack that bears one of these dates and your name. For all other fall-term research reimbursements, fellows must use the second envelope labeled with and to be submitted by 1 December 2022. All spring-term research reimbursement requests must be submitted using the third envelope, labelled with and to be submitted by 1 May 2023. Before submitting reimbursement requests, please fill-out the “Expense Claim Form” which will be included in your welcome pack and check that you have included all original receipts and documentation of purchases, and that e-receipts have been printed and are included in the envelope. No late submissions or additions will be accepted after the deadlines. Please note also that after request submission, ANAMED staff have no control over the duration of the reimbursement process, which can sometimes take up to six weeks for Koç University’s offices to complete.
* Please note that if an expense is incurred in a foreign currency, the reimbursement will be made in Turkish Lira according to Koç Holding’s fixed exchange rate.