1) My project is not related to any of the themes above. Can I still apply?  

- Definitely. Regardless of themes, all applications will receive impartial and full consideration.

2) I need to use some depositories in Istanbul to finish my article. I am not collaborating with any KU faculty, centers or facilities, but my project is on Anatolia. Can I still apply for short-term fellowships?

- Yes, collaboration is preferred but not required for short-term fellowships.

3) I am applying for a joint fellowship. Do I still have to choose themes?

- Currently, themes are recommended only for regular and short-term fellowships.

4) I am not a Turkish citizen. Am I eligible for ANAMED fellowships?

- ANAMED fellowships are open to all nationalities.

5) Why do I have to state whether I am applying for residential or non-residential fellowship? Can I switch from one to the other later?

- We have to allocate our resources according to the number of residential and non-residential fellows admitted each year. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate any request to change the residential preference stated in your application.

6) We are applying for a short-term fellowship as a group, but the personal information page allows us to enter the information just for one person!

- Yes, we just need the information for the contact person, who will be in charge of application process and responsible for the communication with ANAMED.