ANAMED Library Talks: Siren Çelik and Suna Çağaptay – Manuel Palaiologos (1350-1425): Karmaşa Zamanında Bir Bizans İmparatoru

ANAMED Library Talks, continue with Siren Çelik on Tuesday November 1, 2022. In this talk, Siren Çelik will talk about Manuel Palaiologos’ book, which presents the first review of his entire corpus. The book examines Manuel’s literary style, self-description, and philosophical/theological thinking. Analyzing Manuel’s personality, private life, and literary works rather than focusing solely on political events, this book paints a new portrait of this versatile emperor. Suna Çağaptay will be the moderator. The talk will be held online and in Turkish.  For more information about the talk click here. You may find more information about below.


Date: 01.11.2022

Time: 18:00-20:00

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