ANAMED Library Talks: Marta Musso, Kerstin Arnold, Mustafa Ergül – Archives Portal Europe: A New Approach to the European Archival Heritage

ANAMED Library Talks continues with Marta Musso and Kerstin Arnold from Archives Portal Europe (APE). APE is the largest online archival repository in the world, a digital service that aggregates the archival material of more than 1100 institutions across 34 countries, and in more than 25 languages – all searchable through a simple search engine. In this talk will our guests will present the portal and its network, showing how to contribute to the central repository, and the functionalities that facilitate research in such a vast virtual space. The moderator of the talk will be Mustafa Ergül. The talk will be held in English and will take place online. For more information about the talk click here. For registering to the talk please click on the link below.


Date: March 1, 2022

Time: 6-8PM

Registration link: