ANAMED Library Talks: Marinos Sariyannis, Zeynep Aydoğan, Feray Coşkun, Güneş Işıksel, B. Harun Küçük and A. Tunç Şen – GHOST Project

Strange cases, occult sciences and magic create a new field in the history of Ottoman science and culture.  Although nature and the supernatural are clearly separate spaces for us today, in pre-modern cultures this boundary was vaguer: the differences between the known and the unknown on one hand, and the cyclical nature of things and the miracles on the other hand, were more important.  This talk hosts the contributor researchers of the GHOST project, to discuss about the so-called supernatural events and cases in the Ottoman Empire.  The talk will be moderated by Marinos Sariyannis, the team leader and the Research Director of the Institute of Mediterranean Studies in Rethymno (Crete).  For details please click here.

To attend the talk, please register using this link.

*the talk will be in Turkish