ANAMED Library Talks: Edhem Eldem – V. Murat’ın Oğlu Selahaddin Efendi’nin Anı, Günlük ve Yazıları

The ANAMED Library Talks organized jointly by Koç University Anatolian Civilizations Research Center (ANAMED) Library and the History Foundation (Tarih Vakfı) continue with Edhem Eldem on October 6. After Sultan Murad V’s three-month reign in 1876, he was deposed and his successor, his second son Şehzade Selahaddin Efendi (1861-1915), accompanied him in the Çırağan Palace, where he was forced by Abdülhamid (1842-1908), to reside until his death in 1904. Şehzade Selahaddin Efendi formed a voluminous set of documents consisting of memoirs, diaries and various writings during this isolation that lasted for nearly thirty years. Edhem Eldem will discuss the importance of material such as personal documents, archives, diaries and correspondence in Ottoman historiography, their contributions to the discipline and the methodological problems that accompany it, as well as the life and personality of Murad V. and his son. The moderator of the talk will be Mehmet Beşikçi (Yıldız Technical University). For the details please click here.

Due to current circumstances this talk will take place online. Please click on the link.

This talk will be in Turkish.