ANAMED Library Talks: Antonios Botonakis, Alexandros Charkiolakis, Merve Özkılıç, Senem Acar – Byzantine Musical Instruments (BMI) Research Project

ANAMED Library Talks, jointly organized by Koç University’s Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations (ANAMED) Library and the History Foundation (Tarih Vakfı), will continue with the BMI Research Project Team on April 6, 2021. In 2018, Koç University Stavros Niarchos Foundation Center for Late Antique and Byzantine Studies (GABAM) and the Friends of Music Society in Athens departed on a journey deciding to create a research framework of cooperation on Byzantine secular music tradition. The extensive investigation on primary and secondary resources revealed figures of musicians and musical instruments, featured on artefacts such as caskets, wall paintings, mosaics, wooden icons etc. but also on illuminations preserved inside Greek manuscripts, dated between the 2nd and the 16th century. All these depictions amounted to more than 400 visual representations are hosted at the Koç University Suna Kıraç Library digital collections. All of the above aspects will be addressed during this event, with the participation of Antonios Botonakis, Alexandros Charkiolakis, Merve Özkılıç and Senem Acar, who will also be the moderator of the talk. For details please click here.

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Date: April 6, 2021, at 18:00