ANAMED Library Talk: Burak Başaranlar, İrem Ünal, Nathalie Defne Gier – Geleceği Aydınlatmak: Cumhuriyet’in İlk Yıllarında Yükseköğretimin Yeniden İnşası, 1923-1946

ANAMED Library Talks continue in April. This month’s guests are Burak Başaranlar, İrem Ünal and Nathalie Defne Gier. The proclamation of the Republic initiated a large-scale social change movement in Turkey, covering the political, economic and social spheres. One of the important areas where this movement of change is felt is higher education institutions and innovations in the field of higher education. Burak Başaranlar, who is a visiting professor at Kadir Has University Core Program, will talk about this change movement and will focus on how this change movement plays a role in building a new society. In the aforementioned period, Darülfünun was reopened as Istanbul University by reorganizing it to meet the needs of the period, institutes/faculties such as the Higher Institute of Agriculture, the Institute of Language and History and Geography were established, and scientists who left Germany came to Turkey and made significant contributions to raising the first generation of the Republic. In his speech, Başaranlar will examine the institutions operating in this period, the laws that marked this transformation story, this multi-layered transformation story involving the academics working in these institutions and the students studying in these schools. In addition, Nathalie Defne Gier and İrem Ünal will give information about the preparation process of the exhibition. For more information about the talk please click here.


Date: 04.04.2023

Time: 18:00-20:00


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