Places of Illness, Spaces for Healing: The Built Environment of Healthcare in Anatolia Through the Ages

25 March 2022

The events of the 2019–2022 pandemic, including quarantining and the hospitalization of millions, have made us all think more consciously about how people of the past dealt with illness and health. From Classical Antiquity to the modern era, a variety of sites and spaces in Anatolia and its neighboring areas formed the focus of healing and illness, often building on earlier traditions of medical practices, illness, and healthcare architecture. Based on these ideas, organized in collaboration with the Koç University Medical and Health Humanities Initiative, and convened by Lucienne Thys-Şenocak and Inge Uytterhoeven, the 16th International ANAMED Annual Symposium will explore diverse archaeological sites, architecture, built heritage, landscapes, locations, and spaces where healing, healthcare, and medicine have been practiced in Anatolia and its broader regional context.

Due to the pandemic the symposium will be held online and English-Turkish simultaneous translation will be provided. Please make sure to download the latest version of Zoom in order to have the translation option. Please register in advance. For the registration link click here.

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For more information contact nugurlu@ku.edu.tr.