Eren, Güzin 

Boston University

Research Topic: The Lydian State as Seen Through the Dynamics of Monumentality

Ms. Eren is a PhD candidate in the Department of Archaeology at Boston University. Her primary interest is building practices in the Late Bronze and Iron Ages of Anatolia. A part of her dissertation project, her research at ANAMED focuses on the investigation of the relationships between state power and monumental construction. She explores how power relations at Sardis, the capital of a territorially growing Lydian state (western Türkiye, 8th to 6th centuries BCE) during the Iron Age, were established through monumental construction, concentrating in particular on types of investment in public architecture, processes of organization, and symbolic meanings. The project examines whether scalar changes observed in architecture during Lydia’s political growth are reflected in other aspects of monumental construction, such as organization of natural resources and labor, spatial forms, and aesthetics. This project not only places Lydian monumentality into the context of Iron Age politics and cultures, but also approaches monumental building practice as a sociopolitical phenomenon.