Eren, Güzin

Boston University

Research Title: Making Place for Early Lydian Polity in Iron Age Anatolia: Architectural Contexts of the Ninth-Eighth Centuries BCE at Sardis 

Dr. Eren is an archaeologist with a broad interest in building practices of Late Bronze and Iron Age societies in Anatolia, and a specialist in Lydian architecture. She received an MS in Settlement Archaeology from Middle East Technical University and a PhD in Archaeology from Boston University. At Boston, she was granted the Outstanding Teaching Fellow Award in 2019, and the Center for the Humanities Graduate Student Award in 2020. Dr. Eren is an accomplished field archaeologist having participated in field research at prominent sites such as Tel Atchana, Kültepe/Kanesh, Kerkenes, and Kaymakçı. She has been a core team member of the Archaeological Exploration of Sardis, supervising excavations since 2009. In her dissertation, she investigated the intersection of monumental construction and ideologies of elite placemaking at the Lydian capital Sardis to address a gap in our understanding of the socio-political arena of pre-seventh century BCE western Anatolia. At ANAMED, she examines various organizational aspects of Early Lydian society through analyses of their built environment within the wider comparative context of Iron Age polities.