Cole, Camille

Yale University

Research Topic: The Social and Economic Geographies of Steamshipping in Southern Iraq, 1865-1909

Ms. Cole is a PhD candidate in the History Department at Yale University. She is broadly interested in environmental history, histories of technology and capital, histories of sovereignty, and imperial history. At ANAMED, she will work on her dissertation research, which uses a network of local capitalists and notables to explore the creation of multi-imperial space at the juncture of the Ottoman, British, and Qajar states in what is today southern Iraq. Her dissertation will argue that the existence of three competing imperial states alongside powerful local actors forced the three states to adjust the goals and applications of their imperial projects to fit the social, cultural, and environmental characteristics of southern Iraq. In particular, the new technologies of modernity – steamships and land tenure – were appropriated and used by local as well as imperial actors.