Çilingir, Ceren

Koç University

Project: Environmental Archeology Project

MsÇilingir is an archaeobotanist and a PhD student in the Prehistory Department at Istanbul University. She holds a MSc degree from Middle East Technical University, Settlement Archaeology Program and an undergraduate degree from Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts, Archaeology department. In her dissertation, she aims to understand the food economy through agricultural technologies, traditional farming methods, and the use of plants that are cultivated from Tepecik-Çiftlik (63007000 BC). In this direction, she has been conducting ethnoarchaeological field studies since 2010, where she documents the traditional crop processing methods still used in the district of Niğde-Çiftlik and its surrounding villages. Her research interests include ethnoarchaeological interpretations of cultivation and food preparation, plant-based subsistence strategies and human-plant interactions in the prehistoric communities of Near East. 

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