Çiftçi, Ali

University of Liverpool

Research Topic: Kings of the Mountain: A New Socio-Economic History of the Urartian Kingdom

Dr.Çiftçi obtained a PhD degree in Archaeology at the University of Liverpool and graduated in July 2014. During my time at ANAMED. He aims to finish a book on the socio-economic organisation of Urartian Kingdom and have already signed a contract with Brill. The book, working title Kings of the Mountain: A New Socio-Economic History of the Urartian Kingdom, will be a major contribution to scholarship of Urartu. The aims of this book are to provide a comprehensive synthesis and critical review of the available evidence for the socio-economic structure of the Urartian kingdom (of the 9th-6th centuries BC) and, by doing so, to analyse and critique previous interpretations of the subject. Unlike previous studies this book will present a systematic review of the geographical, archaeological and textual evidence in Urartian (and Assyrian, where relevant) as well as original ethnographic observations in order to analyse the administrative organisation and economic structure of the kingdom. In addition to publishing his book he also hope to be able to begin work on an article ‘Urartu between East and West: Ideologies and Interpretations’ to be published in a peer-review journal, time permitting. This article will present a critical historical overview of the development of theories about the nature of the Urartian economy throughout the Twentieth Century.