Çelik, Siren

University of Birmingham

Research Topic: A Historical Biography of Manuel II Palaiologos (1350-425)

“Dr. Çelik obtained her BA in Social and Political Sciences from Sabancı University in 2011. After completing her MA in Byzantine Studies at the University of Birmingham, she obtained her PhD at the same university in 2016. Her doctoral dissertation is entitled “A Historical Biography of Manuel II Palaiologos (1350–1425).” At ANAMED she will be working on a book manuscript based on her doctoral dissertation. Manuel Palaiologos was not only an emperor, but also a significant author who produced a massive oeuvre consisting of theological, philosophical, and literary works. Most of these works have not been studied. With her biography, she hopes to earn Manuel, who has been neglected as an author, a place in Byzantine literature. Through a close reading of Manuel’s complete oeuvre and various other primary sources, she will try to construct an in-depth portrait of the emperor as a ruler, a personality, and an author, as well as offering an insight into his world and times. As a biography that focuses not only on political events, but also on the personality, personal life, and literary output of the emperor, her work will offer a novel kind of biography writing in Byzantine studies. As the portrait of a multi-faceted Byzantine emperor, it can also appeal to medievalists and to a much wider audience.