Bursalı, Osman Safa

Marmara University

Research Topic: Double-Leaseholders and Ottoman Officials: Governing Waqf Property in Rumelia, 1739-1774

Mr. Bursalı’s areas of expertise include jurisprudence, legal historiography, Ottoman law, Ottoman court records, and teaching cases related to Ottoman personal law and family law, Ottoman Turkish (riq‘a, diwani, and ta‘liq). All these have sprung from his somewhat unique academic background. He completed his LL.B. at Istanbul University’s Faculty of Law and in Public Law at Marmara University in 2010, with a dissertation titled “The Ottoman law of suretyship (kefalet) in the light of Galata and Istanbul court records, 1791–1795.” Presently, he is a J.D. candidate studying on his dissertation entitled “Restoration and reconstruction processes of waqf property in Ottoman law: The case of eighteenth-century Rumelia” at Marmara University’s Faculty of Law and a research and teaching assistant at the Department of Legal History in the same Faculty. His research on the intersection of law, history and social sciences in Türkiye led me to focus on the waqfs. For his doctoral research, he has done research in the Office of the Prime Minister Ottoman Archives, Court Records Archives, and several other manuscript libraries in Istanbul. He was also at Brown University History Department as a visiting researcher since 2013.