Burlot, Jacques

University of Lyon 2 , French National Center for Scientific Research

Research Topic: Medieval Anatolia From East To West: Laboratory Analyses of 13th–14th Century Pottery From Küçükyalı and Kinet Höyük (Türkiye)

Dr.Burlot specialized in ceramic studies during his PhD at the University of Lyon (France) following his education in archaeometry (2012) and in rescue archaeology (2013) at the University of Bordeaux (France) and Fribourg (Switzerland). Carried out in the framework of the POMEDOR project “People, Pottery and Food in the Medieval Eastern Mediterranean” (http://www.pomedor.mom.fr/, directed by S.Y. Waksman and funded by the French National Research Agency), it dealt with the contextualization and the manufacturing technologies of early Turkish pottery (Beylik and early-Ottoman) produced in western Anatolia, by combining both archaeological and archaeometric approaches. It involved collaborations with international excavation teams such as the Austrian and German archaeological institutes (at Ephesus, Miletus and Pergamum), and Harvard University (Sardis). His project at ANAMED extends this research, both in the Byzantine and Turkish capital and in eastern Anatolia, by studying two assemblages coming from the sites of Kinet Höyük (region of Iskenderun, excavations directed by M.-H. Gates and S. Redford) and Küçükyalı (Asian side of Istanbul’s Greater Municipality, excavations directed by A. Ricci) dated to the 13th and 14th centuries. The purpose of this study is to compare contemporary manufacturing processes, to shed light on the way these productions and their techniques were diffused, and on how they were influenced by fashions and tastes that vary according to the contacts between populations.