Beaudoen, Lee Andre


Research Topic: Mirrors of the World: The Alexander Romances and the Fifteenth-Century Ottoman Sultanate

Mr.Beaudoen is a doctoral Candidate at the University of California – Los Angeles. His research interests cover the centuries of Byzantine-Ottoman transition period as well as the broader Mediterranean world from antiquity to the early modern. His dissertation, under the working title Mirrors of the World: The Alexander Romances and the Fifteenth Century Ottoman Sultanate focuses on the role of the Alexander Romances in a fifteenth century Ottoman context and their representations of Ottoman kingship. In addition to his tenure at UCLA, Beaudoen has also received a MA in History from UCLA, an MA in Museology from the University of Washington and a BA from Michigan State University in Interdisciplinary Humanities focusing on English, Russian and Communications. He is an avid learner of languages, having achieved competency in French, Italian, German, Russian, Turkish, Greek, Latin, Persian, Arabic, Hungarian, Swedish, and Classical Armenian.