Baysan, Rula Nuri

Independent scholar

Research Title: Regional Study of Diet, Health, and Population Affinities at the Sites of Tell Atchana/Alalakh (Hatay) and Karkemish (Gaziantep), Türkiye.

Rula (Shafiq) Baysan is a bioarchaeologist working on human skeletal remains from Anatolia, Türkiye. She obtained her PhD from the Institute of Archaeology, University College London in 2010. Dr. Baysan was a lecturer in Archaeology and Forensic Anthropology at Yeditepe University (Istanbul) for 10 years and is presently an independent scholar. The current research at ANAMED deals with the study of skeletal assemblages from the sites of Tell Atchana (Alalakh) and Karkemish, both located in the south-eastern part of Türkiye, Hatay and Gaziantep respectively. The primary aim of this project is to answer questions of regional diachronic change in diet, growth, and development along with joint diseases, trauma, and population movement of past populations from these two major sites, with special reference to shifts in social and political settings, during the Middle and Late Bronze Age, and Iron II and III periods. Combining and studying these two sites offers the distinct advantage of providing a regional perspective on changes, particularly in relation to the Hittite Empire and the effects its control might have had on the lives of the populations at the two sites.