Autret, Caroline Marie Jeanne

University Paris-Sorbonne and University of Cyprus

Research Topic: Vine, wine and amphorae in Roman Cilicia. Production and diffusion from the 1st c. B.C. to the 4th c. AD

Dr. Autret started to work on amphorae produced in Cilicia (SW Türkiye) during her MA studies (Rennes 2 Haute Bretagne University, France). She continued research on this Anatolian province during her PhD (joint supervision, Paris-Sorbonne University and University of Cyprus). She focused on agriculture, amphora production, and commercial relationships Cilicia maintained with other Mediterranean regions during the Roman period. Through analysis of archaeological data and ancient sources, especially textual and numismatic evidence, she demonstrated that Cilicia experienced unprecedented agricultural growth toward the end of the 1st c. B.C., when it became a Roman province. For her work at ANAMED, she intends to extend the study of local production and commercial exchange in Cilicia to the Hellenistic period for publication with data from her dissertation. Although in this area no kiln-site dated to the Hellenistic Era is known, amphora production is attested through coinage and amphora stamps. The aim of her research is not only to determine the scale of agricultural production and distribution, but also to investigate trade relationships Cilicia maintained before the Roman period. This is essential in order to analyze the impact of Roman rule in Cilicia.