Armstrong, Pamela

University of Oxford

Research Topic: Publication of the Byzantine ceramics from the Çamaltı Burnu I shipwreck excavation

Dr. Armstrong received her BA in Greek (ancient and medieval), MA in Greek and Latin, and her PhD degree in Byzantine & Ottoman Archaeology from The Queen’s University, Belfast. Her research concerns ceramics found during the underwater excavations of the shipwreck known as Çamaltı Burnu I, which was carried out by a team of Turkish scholars under the direction of Professor Dr. Nergis Günsenin. She is responsible for preparing the publication of the ceramics both as a body of primary data and as a source for trade connections and cultural interactions. Çamaltı Burnu I is important archaeologically because it is the first wreck dated to the thirteenth century AD excavated in the Mediterranean. A concentration of cooking pots and food preparation vessels along with roof tiles for covering an open fire indicated the presence of a galley at the ship’s stern. Other domestic ceramic wares found in the bow indicated a living area designated for the crew. It is the ceramics from both these locations which she is preparing as a contribution towards the final publication of the Çamaltı Burnu I excavations. They include plain and decorated glazed plates and jugs; cups and mugs; cooking pots and miscellaneous kitchen ware. The amphoras that formed the cargo and the decorated table wares are of recognizable Byzantine origin. They provide the dating evidence of early thirteenth century for Çamaltı Burnu I. After three earlier study seasons, this fellowship supports the final writing up of the ceramics as Dr. Armstrong’s contribution to the complete publication of the wreck and its excavation.