Arıkan, Gonca Dardeniz

Koç Üniversitesi

Research Topic: Crossing the Cultural and Technological Borders in the Near East: Vitreous Materials and Integrated Technologies During the 2nd and 1st Millennia BC

Dr. Dardeniz has formal training both in archaeology and history of art as well as chemistry. Her specialization is on the vitreous materials (glass, faience, frit), their technologies, and integrated crafts during the second millennium BC in the Near East. She focuses on connections, especially between Anatolia and Egypt, in terms of raw material usage and preferred technologies. She studies the development and spread of vitrified material production technologies, resource procurement, manipulation of raw materials, technical know-how of artisans as well as integrated and multifunctional crafts including but not limited to metallurgy. Dr. Dardeniz has been involved in archaeological excavations and surveys across Anatolia since 2005. She uses complementary methods of archaeology and archaeometry on the vitreous corpora of major Anatolian sites. As for the ANAMED Postdoc Fellowship, she focuses on the second and early first millennia BC vitreous materials from Anatolia; she plans to assess similarities and differences, patterns of continuity and discontinuity, artisanship in the vitreous technologies in addition to integrated technologies and industries from a wider perspective. She hopes to establish new connections between Anatolia and its neighboring regions, especially Egypt in regard to vitreous materials and integrated craftsmanship, which will contribute to a new line of archaeological and archaeometric research in Türkiye. Dr. Dardeniz is also the Machteld Johanna Mellink fellow of 2017–2018.