Angar, Mabi

University of Cologne

Research Topic: The Topography and Urban Development of the Genoese Settlement in Galata/Pera in the Late Byzantine Period (1261-1453)

Dr. Angar studied for her Master’s Degree in Art History and Byzantine Studies at Freie Universität Berlin and Princeton University. She received her PhD at the University of Cologne (2012), where she is based as a lecturer in the Department of Byzantine Studies. In her dissertation she studied Byzantine head reliquaries and their reception in the West in the aftermath of the Conquest of Constantinople in 1204. Her research interests range from relics, Byzantine goldsmith art, and architectural representations in various media to issues of medieval and modern perceptions of Byzantium. Dr. Angar’s new project at ANAMED is dedicated to Galata/Pera during the Late Byzantine period. Based on archaeological, textual, and visual evidence, the primary aim is to provide a GIS-based, “deep map” of the Genoese commercial settlement on the other side (Gr. péra) – beyond the Golden Horn – which reflects the urban and social development of the powerful Italian sea republic.