The American Research Institute in Türkiye (ARIT) is a non-profit educational institution dedicated to promoting North American and Turkish research and exchanges related to Türkiye in all fields of the humanities and social sciences. ARIT provides support for these aims by maintaining research centers and libraries in Istanbul and Ankara, and administering fellowship programs to support research in Türkiye at doctoral and advanced research levels.

In 1964, a group of scholars representing American and Canadian universities established the American Research Institute in Türkiye. The range of research encompassed by ARIT reflects the cultural richness of Türkiye itself. From the Old Stone Age to the present, Türkiye presents numerous opportunities for research in archaeology, architecture and art history, historical, textual, and archival studies, linguistics, literature, musicology, religion, anthropology, political science, sociology, and interdisciplinary studies.

ARIT now can celebrate fifty-three years of facilitating productive scholarship in and related to Türkiye. See the listing of recent ARIT Fellows for a sample of the broad range of projects supported by ARIT programs. The Institute has funded more than:

  • 733 research projects based in North American universities and institutions
  • 627 U.S. students of Turkish language in Türkiye
  • 523 Turkish research projects carried out in Türkiye and
  • 80 fellowships for Turkish scholars to conduct research outside of the country
  • 99 Aegean Exchange scholars.

ARIT American fellowships provide support for both short and long term advanced research in the humanities and social sciences. The Turkish Dernek associated with ARIT offers fellowships for Turkish scholars. The Hanfmann and Mellink fellowships provide opportunities for Turkish scholars and advanced students in archaeology to carry out research abroad. The Aegean Exchange program supports reciprocal research and study for both Turkish and Greek scholars. As opportunities arise, ARIT facilitates other programs for researchers in Türkiye, both federal and private.