Abbasoğlu, Zeynep Yıldız

Leiden University

Research Title: Music Production in the 14th Century Jalayirid and Timurid Courts: The Life and Legacy of Abd al-Qadir Maraghi

Dr.Yıldız Abbasoğlu is a visiting scholar in Leiden University, who contributes to the project, “Turks, Texts and Territory: Cultural Production and Imperial Ideology in Central Eurasia.” She received her PhD in Islamic History and Arts from Marmara University in 2015. Dr. Abbasoğlu’s PhD dissertation “15.yy Herat Müzik Okulu ve Benâî’nin Risâle-i Mûsikî’si” (The Fifteenth-Century Music School of Herat and the Resale-ye Musiqi of Benai), examines musical traditions, musicians, and musical instruments of a Central Asian Timurid court as well as discussions of theory in a contemporary treatise. She is planning to extend her work beyond theoretical considerations to the historical and cultural background of the fourteenth -and fifteenth-century Turco-Persian music tradition. The research that she will undertake at ANAMED aims to examine Maraghi’s story from the perspective of the contemporary political culture, arts patronage, circles of music, the interaction between various cultures, and how modern nations have claimed his cultural legacy.