2019–2020 Akademik Yılı Bursiyerleri

Doktora Bursiyerleri
Clements, Henry Atticus – Yale University

Documenting Community: The Süryani of the Ottoman Empire

Haines, Jeffrey – University of Washington

Village and Monastery in Eastern Anatolia and Northern Iraq

Huggins, Mark Patrick – University of Edinburgh

The Reception of John Chrysostom in the Middle Byzantine Period (9th–13th centuries): A Study of the Catechetical Homily on Pascha

Kaya, Betül – University of Chicago

Judging non-Muslim Religious Practice in the Early 17th–Century Ottoman Empire: Politics of Judicial Authority and Competing Legal Perspectives

Klinger, Dustin Dominik – Harvard University

A History of Propositional Analysis from the Hellenistic Commentators on Aristotle to Theories of the Proposition in Arabic Philosophy, 900–1350

Mansour, Ibrahim – University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB)

The Devotional Texts of Medieval Mystics in the Muslim Mediterranean: The Shadhili Sufi Order, 13th–15th Centuries

Nye, Ellen Mary – Yale University

Frictions of Finance: Inter-Imperial Credit Relations in 18th–Century Ottoman Trade

Sotiriou, Athanasios – University of Crete

Outlining the Petty Aristocracy of Byzantine Anatolia in the Thirteenth Century

Doktora Sonrası Bursiyerleri
Çelik, Semih – Koç University

An Agricultural and Environmental History of Western Anatolia: Biga and Saruhan Districts ca. 1830–1890

D’Anna, Mara Bianca – Freie Universität, Berlin

Diverse and Fluid Identities. Local Traditions and Assimilation of External Elements in the Ceramic Production at Tepecik (Altınova, Elazığ) during the Chalcolithic Period

Sökmen, Emine – Hitit University

Water and Power: Water Management in Historic Landscape of Çorum – Alaca Region

Steidl, Catherine – Dartmouth College

Mediterranean Communities in the First Millennium BCE: New Approaches to Identity and Interaction

Torunoğlu, Gülşah – The Ohio State University

Comparative Feminisms: Secular and Religious Discourses in the Egyptian and Turkish Women’s Movements, 1880–1940

Uzunoğlu, Hüseyin – University of Oxford

The Roman Military Presence in Phrygia and Galatia and its Impact on Urban and Rural Communities

Kıdemli Bursiyerler
Ahmed, Faiz – Brown University

Ottoman Americana: The Late Ottoman Empire and the Early United States in Contact and Exchange

Baykal Büyüksaraç, Güldem – Istanbul University

Being in the Landscape: Claims to Land, Heritage, and Livelihood in Southwest Rural Turkey

Gasbarri, Giovanni – Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

“They Have Mouths, and Speak Not” (Re)presenting Pagan Idols in Byzantine Art (9th–15th Centuries)

Goshgarian, Rachel Eloise – Lafayette College

Armeno-Turkish and the Space of Language in the Late Medieval and Early Modern Worlds: Manuscript Production and the Circulation of Ideas, Literature, and People

Harmanşah, Ömür – University of Illinois at Chicago

Political Ecology of Water in the Hittite Borderlands: The Landscapes of the Holocene and the Anthropocene

Şerifoğlu, Tevfik Emre – Bitlis Eren University

The Role of the Göksu Valley in Rough Cilicia in the Regional Networks of Mobility, Exchange and Trade from the Chalcolithic Period until the End of the Bronze Age

Willet, Rinse – KU Leuven, Belgium

The Village People: Rural Life in the Countryside of Hellenistic and Imperial Sagalassos

Tarhan, Hakan – IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca

Public Perceptions of “the Other’s” Heritage: Ottoman Heritage in Greece and Byzantine Heritage in Turkey

GABAM-ANAMED Bursiyerleri
Varela, Alexandre – Hebrew Univeristy of Jerusalem

The Mor Hadbshabo Church and its Secondary Chapels in Gülgöze

Vukašinović, Milan – University of Belgrade

Voices of Anatolia: Narrative Constructions of Self and Space in the 13th Century

KHI-ANAMED Bursiyeri
Matessi, Alvise – University of Pavia

Route Connections Across the Taurus From the Late Bronze Age Through the Iron Age (17th–7th BCE)

KUDAR-ANAMED Bursiyerleri
Günsenin, Nergis – Istanbul University

Progress of the Final Publication of Çamaltı Burnu I Shipwreck Excavation

Trakadas, Athena – Danish National Museum

Atlantic River-Scapes: Marine Geological and Archaeological Research of Ancient Harbour Sites in Morocco

Geçmiş Bursiyerler