Asa Eger , Independent scholar

Excavation on the Islamic-Byzantine Frontier: the frontier fort of Hisn al-Tīnāt

Canan Çakırlar , Tuebingen University, Germany

The contribution of historical zooarchaeology to understanding acculturation, subsistence and environment in Anatolia: The case study from Kinet Höyük’s Late Iron Age, Persian, Hellenistic and Medieval layers

Dror Zeevi, Ben Gurion University, Israel

Fractal Theory and Ottoman Socio-Political Conglomerates

Giancarlo Casale – Spring 2009 , University of Minnesota, USA

Curiosity and Intolerance in Muslim-Christian Relations: The Ottoman Case

Ivana Jevtic, University of Fribourg, Switzerland

Reconstructing the Genesis of the Palaeologan art: the testimony of Byzantine Monuments of Istanbul

M.Sait Özervarlı, İSAM (Research member), Türkiye

Tradition and Modernization in Late Ottoman/Turkish Intellectual History

Markus Dressler – Fall 2008 , Hofstra University, USA

From “Crypto-Christianity” to “Turkish Islam”: The Discovery of the Alevis in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries

Meltem Toksöz, Boğaziçi University, Türkiye

Historians, Intellectuals and Academics: History Writing and History Education in the Late Ottoman Empire

Necati Alkan , Hebrew University, Israel

The Nusayri ‘Alawis in the Late Ottoman Empire

Nino Kavtaria, National Center of Manuscripts, Georgia

Constantinopolitan School of the Book Art and its impact on the Georgian miniature painting from the Black Mountain of the 11th century

Polyvios Konis – Spring 2009, University of Birmingham, UK

From Constantinople to Cappadocia: The Association between centre and periphery in Byzantine art

Rossitsa Gradeva – Fall 2008 , Institute of Balkan Studies, Bulgaria

Ottoman Policy with Respect to Non-Muslims’ Cult Buildings, end of 17th-beginning of 18th centuries


Alyson Wharton, SOAS, University of London, UK

Building in the Tanzimat

Amanda Flaata, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Sanctuaries of Meter in the Aegean World

Amanda Phillips, Oxford University, UK

The Consumption of Luxury and Quasi-luxury Textiles in the 17th century Ottoman Empire

Ayşe Henry, University of Illinois, USA

The Pilgrimage Center of St. Symeon the Younger: Designed by angels, supervised by a saint, constructed by pilgrims

Candace Weddle, University of Southern California, USA

Making Sense of Emperor Worship: The Sensory Experience of Cult in Late Antique Asia Minor

Felipe Rojas, University of California, USA

Memory, Identity and Order in the Lydian Landscape

Fulya Özkan, SUNY Binghamton, USA

The Construction of Roads in the Late Nineteenth-Century Ottoman Empire: An Arena of Social Conflict

Kahraman Şakul, Georgetown University, USA

Ottoman Perceptions of Russia in the Age of Napoleon

Leyla Kayhan, Harvard University, USA

Marriage, Divorce and Property in Late Eighteenth-Century Ottoman Istanbul

Seven Ağır, Princeton University, USA

From Welfare to Wealth: Ottoman and Spanish Grain Policies in a Time of Change

Tsameret Levy-Daphny, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Diyarbakır, a Forgotten Ottoman Vilayet: A Social and Cultural History of An Ottoman Province in the 18th Century